With 22 years of meditating, reading, discussing and practice, Marc has adventured through the roller coaster of life to reach a place of acceptance and clarity within the chaotic world we live in.

The present moment unfolds in the most sublime way.

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Bringer of joy, creative pioneer, author and music producer.

Marc’s journey of discovery began in a Chinese restaurant, age 15.  His Aunt June, a renowned psychic, had been studying with the Gurus in India, bringing back knowledge of how to activate the Kundalini force using ancient techniques.  As Marc was shovelling another spring roll into his teenage mouth, his Aunt placed her hands on his head and activated his Kundalini, making him almost faint and fall off his chair.  That was a highly un-conversational evening for Marc.

Aunt June continued to visit India with her friend, Desmond Winfield.  They were guided by their guru to set up an ashram in Letchlade, Oxfordshire, to share the knowledge they had been gifted. So the Kundalini Foundation for Self Realisation was born.

After enjoying the heady delights of studying Quantum Mechanics at University, 22 year old Marc felt compelled to attend a week-long meditation intensive at the ashram.  Infused with a cocktail of meditation, psychoanalysis, herbal tea, mantras and vegetarian food, Marc’s mind was blown.  After 3 additional week-long intensive meditation retreats and regular Sunday Satsangs, Marc was really enjoying the grace, stillness and gentle power it brought.

And so the process of self-analysis and growth continued, leading Marc to practice Yoga and meditation.

Marc has been producing music from the age of 14, on average one tune a day.  He runs a professional recording studio and has over 80 #1s in the US and UK charts as one half of producers Bimbo Jones, remixing the likes of Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Pink.  He has also written with the likes of KC and the Sunshine Band, Cyndi Lauper and the Brand New Heavies.  Marc is passionate about the healing energy of music and is collaborating with beautiful artists from the world of Yoga.

Now Marc has a vibrant network of friends across the world in music, Yoga and meditation.  The world is waking up and ready to live without fear.  These are exciting times, let’s embrace the change.