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Meaning Of Life and Joyful Living guided meditation at Mind Body and Spirit festival. 

I’ll be teaching my new guided meditation on the meaning of life and joyful living at the Mind Body Spirit festival at the Birmingham NEC 2-4 November 2018

2nd November 4.45pm 
4th November 2.30pm

This is based upon my new book ‘Meaning of life, joyful living and the theory of everything’. I am making a sound track with a live narration. I have some very energetically powerful performers on the sound track to truly transport you to another dimension and set you free from many limiting, core beliefs.

85th #1in the US Billboard Charts with Bimbo Jones remix 

Stop the press, we just got our 85th worldwide chart #1!!! 

Congratulations to Metro featuring Nelly Furtado and their production #sticksandstones which has topped the US Billboard Dance chart. Fantastic achievement guys and well done to team Radikal Records.

This is our 34th Billboard Dance #1 and our 85th over all worldwide dance club #1 in the US and UK, WOOOHOOOOOO!!

MusicTech cover story 

2 Months in the making, 'How To Get CLASSIC STUDIO SOUNDS' looks at iconic studio hardware and how to get the signature genre sound in music production using the latest software emulations. This is about the 80th page of content written for MusicTech magazine in the last year! It's a very useful article to take your productions to the next level.

Previous events

Conscious Clubbing At St Catherine's Ecstatic Dance + Sound Bath

St Catherine's Church, Pepys Road SE145SG, London

CONSCIOUS CLUBBING AT ST CATHERINE’S Pepys Road, London SE145SG. About 6 mins walk from New Cross Gate, Brockley and Nunhead Stations.

Doors open 8pm - doors shut 8.30pm - dancing and soundbath till 10.45pm, enough time to get the tube back home!

Come to the main entrance of St Catherine’s Church, located at the top of Telegraph Hill. Bring a bottle of water which can be refilled at the venue.

Just dancing barefoot - express yourself without judgement

World beats - deep and tribal house - music for the heart - followed by mindfulness sound bath

We are going to take photos at this event to help promote this wonderful work on Joytribe. If you don't want to be in the photos, you will have a chance during the opening circle to take a wrist band so you can be cropped out, or there will be an area in the church where you can dance which will not be photographed. Any concerns please email Marc, after all the dance is the most important thing. xxx

Conscious dancing is a worldwide phenomenon. A safe space is created where you can lose yourself in the music and experiment moving your body in new ways. This is movement medicine to boost your sense of wellbeing and bring you back to your body. You are free to move how you like, just stand still and sway, rave in a frenzy, pull out your best dance moves or float about, its your time to express your present moment in life through movement.

Conscious Clubbing at St Catherine’s guidelines -No alcohol and no drugs please.

-There is an invitation to dance barefoot. If you would rather, dancing in socks is good or if you have a medical condition, clean indoor shoes are allowed.

-No talking or phones on the dance floor. This creates a focus on the dancing and a great atmosphere for all.

-No spectating, please respect other people’s space and don’t stand there staring at your fellow dancers. This creates a safe environment where we can give ourselves permission to move our bodies in new ways.

-If you would like to dance with someone, you are welcome. If you would rather not dance with someone, thank them by putting your hands together at the heart in a prayer posture and smile!

-This is an adults only space so 18+. If you have a baby in a pram, you are welcome to bring them along for the dancing part of the evening which goes on till about 9.45pm.

We are going to take some photos on the next event to spread the word about this amazing work. If you would rather not be in a photo, you will be given an option to get a wrist band in the opening circle and you will be cropped out of the photos.

Doors will be open at 8pm, we will shut the doors at 8.30pm so please be on time. If you are late, sorry but we can’t let you in. This is to create a safe environment where we can let go of our constructs and explore new ways of being.

You can use the side space in the church to take off your shoes and get changed, there is a toilet in the main church for changing too. This is located at the front right off the green carpet.

Please switch your phone off when you come in, give yourself a break from the outside world!

The heating will have been on for several hours so bring layers to take off as you heat up. If you want to dress up and bring some smiles to your fellow dancers, go for it! Dress to sweat.

There will be gentle music on when you arrive, this is a good time to explore the space, feel free to lie down and breathe deep into your belly. Let the outside drama go and allow a feeling of space to come into your body. Starting off from a still place works really well in conscious dance. The music energy will go up on an arc to peak dancing and then will come back down again. When you feel like it, you can lie back down on the floor when the music has become calm. We will then start a sound bath and mindfulness meditation.

A sound bath is a muscial experience where soothing sounds like gong, chimes and binaural beats are used to calm the brain down to a deep state of relaxation.

There are some free tickets available for over 70s, bring your Gran/Grandad!! If you would like one of these, there are limited tickets so be quick and book through eventbrite, when they are gone, they are gone!

Conscious Clubbing at St Catherine’s is an inclusive space, if you would like to ask about access or any special requirements you may have, please send me a message.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to St Catherine’s, see you there!

Marc JB x

New York DJ guest set

Le Souk, New York